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2023 AGM

The 2023 AGM was held at The Trout Inn over a delicious Breakfast.
Outgoing Chair, Shirley Wheeler was presented with flowers and wine and a New Committee was elected.

AGM Highlights

All members of the current Steering Group were present with the exception of Victoria Davidson, who is on maternity leave.

Four other members of the Business Club were also present.

The minutes of the 2022 AGM had been circulated and were approved as a correct record of proceedings

There were no matters arising.

Accounting matters

It had been agreed following the adoption of the new Club Constitution at 2022 AGM that the accounting year of the Club should be changed to 31 December, thus giving a nine months’ accounting period from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023. The accounts had been distributed to the Steering Group prior to the meeting and will be published once inspected. However, the meeting accepted them as a correct reflection of the accounts of the Club.

Annual subscription. Following discussion the meeting agreed an increase in the membership subscription to £50 (an increase of £5). This fee is for a business, regardless of the number of employees a business has, any of whom are able to attend meetings of the Club.

Steering Group for 2023-24

Shirley Wheeler retired from the Steering Group and following discussion it was agreed that Claire Anello, Georgia Wheeler and Philippa Pearson, each having offered to join the Steering Group, would be appointed. The Club thanks them for coming forward to assist with the administration of YOUR Club.

It was agreed that Ian Lindsay and Nick Bent would be co-Chairs for the next year, with the remaining members of the Steering Group being: Victoria Davidson, Camilla George, Richard Martin, Miriam Weisinger. Further information about Steering Group members is available here:

It was further agreed that Nick Bent would remain as Club Treasurer and that other roles would be shared among SG members as decided by the Steering Group.

Full minutes of the meeting and the accounts will be distributed to members in due course.

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