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About Utility Warehouse with Partner Claire Anello

Claire Anello of Stargazey Workshops (teaching Upholstery, Floristry and more) is also a Utility Warehouse Partner.

“Utility Warehouse is a FTES250 Company trading since 1996.  A totally British company trading only in  the UK and the only multiservice utility provider in the UK and possibly the world! As a Direct Selling company we are 10th in the Global One Hundred, and have over 70 Awards in our market places, including over 30 WHICH? Awards so massively credible in all our market places.

We work by bundling our services together to make things cheaper – you can take all or some of our services.
As you’ve seen, July’s energy prices have been announced – an annual bill just under £2100 for the average customer. That’s back where we were between October 2022 and March 2023, because then prices were £2,500, but everyone got £400 of government support. And we grew like crazy at those prices! 

Except now, three things are different:

 – This isn’t a blip in energy any more. Energy prices are predicted to be the same until at least July 2024 – that is, twice where they were two years ago. There is no respite from high energy costs – except with UW – and the risks are for even higher prices rather  than further falls. 

 – Food prices have now followed suit to eye watering levels as we all know – worryingly high inflation there. 

 – And people are coming off 1% mortgage fixes and are now paying 30% of their income on mortgages – a huge income shock, according to Barclays. Again, with UK inflation stubbornly high, mortgage rates are going  higher, not lower – this is the new normal. 

I can’t overstate the long term change that has taken place here. Mortgage rate increases are taking £12bn out of the pockets of UK households. It’s going to hit people week by week as they come off their mortgage fixes, or the costs just become too much. 

We want to put that money back into the UK by helping people reduce their bills, and of course by helping people earn an additional income alongside their current business or job.”

To find out more – call Claire on 07771 881376

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