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Favourable terms and foreign currency exchange rates from a ‘non-bank’

Whether exchanging and transmitting money for personal or business reasons, relocating abroad or buying from an overseas supplier, the bank tends to be the only payments and currency ‘provider’ people turn to. The UK has a sophisticated, developed and regulated ‘non-bank’ payments sector that provides tailored services to businesses and private clients who wish to send and exchange currencies. Prime Cap Payments is a non-bank foreign currency broker. We sit between our clients and regulated financial institutions enabling them to achieve more favourable terms and rates of exchange for their domestic or international currency transactions. Our service is entirely tailored and we count amongst our clients a number of Cotswolds based businesses and families, as well as importers, retailers, law firms and private clients in the UK and abroad. If you would like an informal chat about our areas of specialism, our experienced team is at your service.

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