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Fourth Michael Morpurgo book gets the Barn Theatre treatment

Following our successful productions of the Butterfly Lion, Private Peaceful and The Elephant in the Garden, The Barn and Michael have collaborated to bring this hugely important story to life.

The Mozart Question has been adapted for the stage by the Vicki Berwick and will include a multi-talented cast of musicians.

We open with a young reporter being sent to interview a great violinist Paolo Levi. There’s just one thing she is told not to do and that is to ask the Mozart question.
However, as the interview begins, Paolo takes the opportunity to tell her his life story, including the answer to mystery.

He takes us back to his life as a little boy growing up in Venice and recounts how he discovered a violin in his own home. A violin with a haunting traumatic past set against the background of the Holocaust. Michael Morpurgo’s moving tale of love, secrets and survival is bound together by the power of music in the hardest of times.

The Mozart Question is on stage now, until 30th April 2022.

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