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October’s Welcome

The Club had a very animated meeting this Thursday – hosted by Richard and Trish at Cotswold Woollen Weavers.

Plied with wine and other refreshments graciously provided by the stunning venue our members were all very passionate about who they were and what they do – we don’t think it was just the wine talking!

Steering group member Miriam will be summarising this in a later article, but just to say we had a very interesting well attended evening and it was lovely to see some new members and some new faces.

A big thank you to Cotswold Woollen Weavers but also to Emma Tuck of Bulldog Websites and Lizzie Skinner, who is Beanology, for agreeing to be interviewed live by Richard!

The next meeting in Cirencester is already on our website to book – see our Events section – and coming very shortly will be the details for our November First Aid Training event.

Shirley Wheeler
FLBC Vice Chair & Treasurer
Cotswold Boat Hire

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