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Our May Meeting

Organised through the South West Cyber Resilience Centre Sam from the South West Police Regional Cyber Crime Unit gave 17 members a fascinating and extremely understandable talk on protecting your home and business from Cyber Crime.

Sam explained in simple terms about the main threats and how to prevent them. We learnt about phishing and the social engineering tricks used to gather information that enables criminals to then guess your password and commit crimes against you. I am sure that everyone who attended the meeting went back to work and changed their passwords. Sam also pointed everyone to the free newsletters and guidance at and also the free resources about protecting yourself and your businesses from Cyber Crime . If you have a look at these resources you can learn some of what we did at the meeting and what changes you need to make to protect yourself.

Alongside Sam’s talk those attending enjoyed a great opportunity to network and fantastic breakfast baps. The meeting was held in the newly converted barn, a stunning Wedding and Events space at Ye Olde Swan near Faringdon. Located on the River Thames at Radcot Bridge, it claims to be the oldest crossing of the Thames was built around 1200. Find out more about the venue: 

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