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Poking my nose in other people’s business

Having lived in the Cotswolds for over 40 years, I think I know my way around and I know a lot of people! And those people that I don’t know seem to know me!

For 20 of those 40 years in the Cotswolds, I have been writing about and promoting businesses, groups, organisations and events through the Fairford & Lechlade Business Club, my local Facebook page:, other social media outlets, monthly articles in the Ripples magazine, the Fairford Town Council Newsletter and a weekly column – now increased to a whole page – in the Wilts & Glos Standard (WAGS). In other words, I write for mags, rags and WAGS!

During lockdown, I got to thinking that it might be more sensible and easier to manage if I put a lot of what I do under one roof – or website to be exact. I, therefore, asked the wonderful Emma of Bulldog Websites to design a blog/news website for me. This is now live for anyone to have a look at –! The name of the site might sound a bit presumptuous, but I wanted people to know it was me behind these articles instead of having just the normal, run-of-the-mill blog and news site about the Cotswolds. In addition to where to go and what to see in the area, I have included information about who you might see and also a Which? businesses to use.

I am offering an introductory (really good value) discounted price for the rest of 2020 to anyone who would like me to write about them and promote what they do or what they are about to do. It can be a one-off article or a regular weekly/monthly slot. Please get in touch if you are interested: phone 01285 712150, 0744 350 0744 or email me at  

Don’t forget: I love to poke my nose into other people’s business and then make up stories about them!

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