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Re-inventing my business

By Barry Jackson of Aspire Academy

One of the things that Covid has forced me to do was to completely re-invent the way I run my business. This has included the launch of a brand new website: (don’t forget the hyphen!)

My involvement with The Cotswold Challenge ( gave me all sorts of insights into the concerns of young people and I will be posting weekly blogs and podcasts on my new website, in which I share tips on all aspects of career development and employability strategies. These will be free of charge, so all you have to do to access my tips is to go to the website and take out your free subscription. I have also included a section where young people and their parents can pose questions to me, which may be answered via my Facebook page or featured in my weekly blogs/podcasts.

If you’re not the parent of a teenager and this stuff is not relevant to you, the website is still a wonderful example of Emma Tuck’s professionalism in designing a bespoke website. Working with Emma has been great and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I now regard her as an indispensable partner. If you’re thinking of developing a new website, I can thoroughly recommend Emma’s services. Her own website is

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