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September FLBC Meeting at The Lakes by yoo

In September the steering group tried mixing things up a bit by holding the monthly meeting on a TUESDAY. Yes that’s right not the last Thursday of the month but we are trying to balance being able to attract members to meeting who can never make a Thursday vs making it easy for people always knowing the club meetings are on the same day of the month. Clearly the experiment works as, combined with the intriguing new venue of The Lakes by yoo Bar and Grill, 21 members attended and enjoyed networking, a fantastic breakfast and a really interesting introduction to The Lakes by yoo.

James Hall – Head of Sales and Rebecca Carne – Sales Manger gave members an insight into the development, their ethos to do business with local small businesses first over large corporates and the subtle shift in the priorities of the development from being one of the sale of second homes to building and managing holiday let apartments and hotel rooms and pods.

Members heard that it is this shift that has encouraged a degree of opening up of the site with the new Bar and Grill which is open to all, newly available spa day packages for anyone to enjoy and a proposed new leisure centre and gym that will offer memberships open to all.

Despite the torrential rain that fell throughout the breakfast we enjoyed, the unusual tipi structure of the venue did prove to be entirely watertight and the view across the lake was made all the more dramatic.

Do please join us at a future meeting and also please let us know of any new venue in the area or speaker for a future meeting.

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