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September Welcome from Nick Bent

Hi, I am Nick Bent and I have been a member of FLBC for a few years. I joined because I enjoy a good breakfast and like to meet people. I was invited to join the Steering Group this year.

I grew up on a small farm near Evesham and joined the family business after studying at Pershore College of Horticulture. I was involved with Young Farmers and became Gloucestershire Federation County Chairman. I learnt many skills such as running a club, working with committees and public speaking. Which is why I like the sound of my own voice! I was also treasurer for 9 years.

In 1987 I changed career and was appointed as National Farmers Union Group Secretary for Swindon and held an insurance agency with NFU Mutual. This was similar to a franchise so I was responsible for employing staff, sales, compliance, etc. A demanding and rewarding occupation. As well as providing insurance and financial services, as NFU Group Secretary I would help farming members with their problems, recruit new members and lobby local MPs. I was also treasurer for the National Association of NFU Group Secretaries for 16 years.

In 2019 I left NFU and started my business consultancy. I spend two/three days a week working for a firm of contractors, I look after their accounts, quotations, HR, and help with business decisions. The rest of my time I take on project work, I have helped with the purchase of a business, a complicated insurance claim, and negotiated the end of a farm tenancy.

I have lived in Lechlade for 28 years with my wife Kate who is a freelance bookkeeper and HR consultant. I enjoy road cycling, tennis and horse racing. I have been treasurer for Lechlade Tennis Club for 20 years, there is a theme here! I have two obsessions music (The Beatles are a favourite) and railways.

Nick Bent
FLBC Steering Group
Bent Business Consulting

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