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Southrop Primary Needs You!

Could you become a Governor for our school? We need to ensure we have a range of people on the Board, including those who may have no connection with the school (or a past one), to help ensure we are able to fulfil our core functions, which include strategic direction. As a Full Governing Board we meet six times a year on a weekday evening. Individual governors have responsibility for reporting back to the FGB on specific statutory duties (such as finance and safeguarding), subject areas and year group progress. As governors we undertake fascinating “learning walks”, or focused visits, to the school and hold progress review meetings with teachers. Our role is frequently described as “Eyes on, hands off” which is a good description of what we do. We seek to be a supportive yet challenging friend to the Co-Heads and teachers. We are very fortunate in Southrop to have such a dedicated and cohesive team who are always a pleasure to work with.

As Governors we are given external training as needed to perform this challenging but rewarding role and have access to excellent additional resources and support. We are a friendly and supportive bunch who all want the school to be the very best it can be.

We are currently looking for a new Governor. Skills which would be useful (but which are not essential) include review of financial information, safeguarding and leadership in education. As a small school finding enough people with the time and skills to dedicate to the school is a real challenge. If this isn’t you, please consider if you have family members, friends or neighbours who may be willing to make such a commitment. Being local is not a pre-requisite though some occasional visits to school would of course be beneficial. If you or they are potentially interested in becoming involved, now or in the future please get in touch. If anyone would like to know more I can be contacted on or message me directly, or contact the Co-Heads, Megan Davis and Julia McLellan

Judith Giles
Chair of Governors
Southrop C of E Primary School

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