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The Cotswold Challenge is back

At the beginning of the first lockdown last year, a team of self-employed professionals Nigel Chute; Allison Murray; Chris Roberts and Fiona Scott founded The Cotswold Challenge.

The aim of the challenge was to provide support and an educational initiative to 15-19 years old students who were going to miss out on their exams.

With education in schools and colleges apparently being disrupted for the second year running so the team have decided to launch it for the last time.

The past year’s year 11, 12 and 13 students, who have been penned ‘the lost generation’ need to be able to showcase their talent and be rewarded during what has been, without doubt, a very tough time as we come out of a third lockdown.

The initiative was so successful last year with even a mention in the Houses of Parliament by the education secretary, that this year’s competition will also include students in schools and colleges in Swindon. Judges confirmed so far include Adam Henson and Laurence Llwelyn Bowen.

The challenge will be launched on June 1 and will once again feature some very generous financial prizes for the winners.

The final closing date will be July 6.

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