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The u3a 40th Anniversary Quilt at Witney Blanket Hall

Over its long & illustrious history, Witney Blanket Hall has been proud to host many exhibitions, celebrations, debates, and other public events of social, economic and general benefit to the people of Witney and and beyond.

U3a has 430,000 members (enrolled in over 1000 separate regional groups), who are all retired or otherwise no longer in work, but who come together to explore new ideas, skills, and interests. One of these U3a regional groups is based in Witney.

Witney Blanket Hall is therefore delighted to host the display of this magnificent combination of fine textiles, and social good… The beautiful U3a 40th Anniversay Quilt.

The Hall is open 10am to 5pm every Wednesday to Saturday, and visitors can explore the historic building as well as view the u3a quilt. There is a pieshop, and a sheltered garden too. Entrance is entirely free.

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