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Venue Hire and Corporate Membership at Corinium Museum

On Thursday 30th September, the steering group was invited to attend the Corinium Museum in Cirencester as they unveiled their venue hire and corporate membership. Ian Lindsay (owner of Lechlade Marina) and Camilla George (owner and dentist of DentArtWork Dental Care Lechlade) attended the event.

Amanda Hart, Museum Director gave a powerful speech stressing the importance of corporate membership and sponsorship opportunities to support this unique institution that preserves and restores local items of historic interest. Attendees were lucky enough to browse the historical collection which included the new Stone Age to Corinium galleries and the Winstone Learning Centre. If you get a chance to visit the Corinium Musuem, do take a look at the local Saxon collection from Butler’s fields, Lechlade. There is a grave reconstruction of a female named “Mrs Getty”. This burial is known to be one of the richest Anglo-Saxon graves ever found in Britain. 

For more information about Corporate Membership (that starts from £350) visit or for Venue Hire call 01285 655611.

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