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Prime Cap Payments Ltd, Lechlade
Contact: Jamie Lesinski
M: 0203 417 5781

Prime Cap is a currency broker, offering both private and corporate clients access to terms, rates of exchange and tools tailored to their transactions.
We are referred and relied on to provide simple, clear and personalised guidance before, during and after currency exchanges primarily associated with property transactions.
A broker is a business, like Prime Cap, that sits between you and a regulated financial institution and arranges, negotiates or ‘brokers’ the sale and exchange of the currency you hold. We make sure the rate of exchange you can access is live, can be booked in real-time and is appropriate for your needs.
Prime Cap does not hold client money. Our role is to negotiate the rate of exchange our clients can use and to then guide them through the process of settling and completing a transaction – this is a service we have been providing for nearly 15 years.

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